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Nuru massage is based on the delicate touch of joined bodies. It is made with the use of nuru gel, which, thanks to its consistency, allows it to glide gently over the most sensitive areas. This treatment releases energy, gives a feeling of relaxation and soothes tense muscles. It stimulates the senses, provides a feeling of relaxation and deep relaxation. It also allows you to discover the depth of your own body, get to know new sensations and discover new fanciful feelings. The delightful touch of two bodies connects them into a harmonious whole, providing a divine and unforgettable experience



Tantric massage focuses on the unique relationship between the soul and the body. It consists in the gentle and sensual movement of the hands over the body, which over time come closer and closer to the most sensitive zones. This slow but firm massage stimulating the senses stimulates the imagination and gives a feeling of relaxation. While doing it, the mind is completely focused on the pleasure experienced, so that it does not focus on the hardships of everyday life. It allows you to forget about worries for a moment, relaxes and soothes the senses. The masseuse stimulates subsequent body zones, finding the most sensitive places to touch. Tantric massage is an extraordinary ritual that connects two bodies into a harmonious unity, which gives great pleasure and creates a bond between the masseuse and the client. It also releases the man’s vital energy and puts him to finding and giving in to new sensations. This ritual is recommended for everyone, regardless of age and preferences. Our experienced masseuses will find a way that will satisfy everyone.



Balinese massage is a combination of Ayurvedic, aromatherapy, acupressure and reflexology. This method, combining Chinese and Indian traditions, aims to unite body and soul in uniform harmony. By squeezing subsequent parts of the body, the masseuse relaxes tense muscles, thus releasing positive energy and improving lymph circulation. Relaxing stretching, rubbing and stroking the body has a positive effect on the entire body, the relaxation of which is felt even after leaving the office. The strong touch of strong and efficient hands is the basis of Balinese massage, which will restore peace of mind and body. During its performance, the client experiences a relaxing and calm mood that allows him to completely relax and cut himself off from everyday problems. Most often it is accompanied by essential oils and soothing music, thanks to which it completely stimulates our three senses. This deep and intense massage focuses mainly on the nape, shoulders, back and head. After the session is over, your body will gain new energy and your mind will be cleansed.



Lomi Lomi Nui massage is derived from Hawaiian relaxation techniques. Its amazing effects meant that today it is appreciated and practiced in every professional massage parlor. A soothing touch and firm massage allow you to relax your body and soul, rest and complete relaxation. It consists in a full body massage, after spreading warm oil on it. Thanks to it, the body is moisturized, and its pleasant temperature provides an additional level of pleasure. It focuses on simple and smooth movements tailored to the needs of each body. A professional masseuse carefully learns the client’s needs, thanks to which she is able to provide him with complete relaxation. This technique also allows you to increase joint mobility and better metabolism, which means that it comprehensively heals the tired mind and body.



Indonesian massage is perfect for people who appreciate delicacy and subtlety. It has a soothing effect on the mental and physical sphere, allows for deep relaxation and improvement of the emotional state. It is especially recommended for people who are tired and tense. It introduces a pleasant state of mental renewal, stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation. It is also practiced by people experiencing depression, as it helps to clear the mind of excessive and negative thoughts. It also copes with allergies and asthma, and is eagerly taken by athletes and people with joint injuries. It relieves the body of all tensions and allows the soul to relax completely.



As the name suggests, massage is based on total body relaxation. Bringing him into a state of blissful relaxation allows him to free himself from negative thoughts and all tensions in the body. It soothes the nerves, reduces stress levels and reduces pain. It also improves metabolism, blood supply to the body and stimulates the lymphatic system. It consists in gentle rubbing, kneading and stroking, and changing tactile stimuli will sensitize the body and make it want to experience new sensations. Slow and smooth movements allow the client to feel a state of deep relaxation, thanks to which he fights long-term stress and fights hyperactivity. Thanks to our experience and passion, this massage is perfect for anyone who feels the need to fully relax.



Classic massage is used not only for therapeutic purposes, but also for relaxation. It is considered the most effective method of treating aching muscles or orthopedic injuries. It consists in subtle pressure on all parts of the body, and the variable movements of the hands, which smoothly change into rubbing, stroking, pressing and patting, give the body complete relaxation. During the procedure, the soul also rests, which is fully focused on sensory experiences and gives vent to negative emotions. This technique allows you to relax, reduce pain and improve your well-being.



Getting to know the advantages of various massage techniques, we decided to create our original ritual that combines several of the above: Lomi Lomi Nui, Indonesian, relaxing and classic. The harmonious use of various techniques and combining them into one creates an excellent moment of relaxation and relaxation. The choice of massage is usually not easy, we do not know what our body will react best to and which type will provide it with the strongest sensations and blissful feelings. Therefore, to meet the expectations of our clients, we decided to develop our own, original massage focusing on combining all the best relaxation techniques. This massage comprehensively heals and provides positive energy to which you will certainly want to come back more than once.



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